Off-cycle Internship

Peter decided last minute to do an off-cycle internship. He’ll be working at Novartis, in Basel, Switzerland!


  • We will live in a one-bedroom apartment about a 15 minute walk from Peter’s new office, and right around the corner from a little cafe. While Peter is at work, I’ll be brunching on fresh bread and cheese.
  • No, we won’t have a car. Since I’ll be doing lots of walking, I bought a pedometer. I thought it would be really fun to keep track of how many miles I walk while car-less. Should be interesting.
  • Our apartment is a few blocks from the Rhine River, and about two miles from France and Germany.
  • Basel is in the German speaking part of Switzerland.
  • Brown sugar and Crisco are not available in Switzerland. I will bring a my own supply.
  • I will not be able to use my smart phone in Switzerland. I can’t even imagine this.

I was really excited at first, but not so much anymore. I wasn’t approved for a six-month visa. Peter will be there for six months, but I only get to go for three. Boo!


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